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6492Re: [NH] find/replace in tags

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  • Rudolf Horbas
    Oct 5 1:40 PM
      Hin Don,

      > How do I strip the "class" contents of any and all tags, as below:
      > change this:
      > <td class="[whatever]">[whatever]</td>
      > to this:
      > <td>[whatever]</td>

      Simple. (I assume you have [whatever1] and [whatever2])

      Reg. Exp.: \<td class\="[^"]*"\>([^<]*)\</td\>
      Replace with: <td>$1</td>

      [ ] Case Sensitive [x] Regular Exp.

      Does this help?

      I suggest you dive into Regular Expressions. The NTP help file contains
      some hints, and you might find some links to tutorials here:

      They're fun, and extremely useful!

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