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6488Re: [NH] Display only part of an image?

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  • Bruce Meyers
    Sep 15, 2008
      I don't understand why you can't just use a graphics program such as Irfanview
      to either crop or resize the image. It is so much simpler to do that than any
      of the "solutions" using html or CSS or clips.  You can do a very precise crop
      and//or resize in a minute to make a graphic fit a particular space.
      I have some boxes that are 180 px wide and 114 px high and I can crop and
      resize to that exact size (or very close) using Irfanview. Again, I don't understand
      why you want to do it some other way. There are a number of programs that will
      do this; Irfanview is excellent and free.
      Bruce Meyers

      --- On Sun, 9/14/08, Marcelo de Castro Bastos <mcblista@...> wrote:

      From: Marcelo de Castro Bastos <mcblista@...>
      Subject: [NH] Display only part of an image?
      To: ntb-html@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sunday, September 14, 2008, 12:27 PM

      Here's a thing I'm not sure it's even possible, but I would like to find

      Is there a way to display only *part* of an image file in a Web page?
      For instance, if I have a 300 x 400 px photo, can I "crop" it in
      HTML/CSS in order to display just a smaller rectangle inside it (like
      one cropping 50 px from the top and left, and 100 px wide?)


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