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6487Re: [NH] Display only part of an image?

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  • loro
    Sep 15, 2008
      Marcelo de Castro Bastos wrote:
      >In this particular case, the whole image would have to be loaded anyway
      >-- it is a comic-book-like page, and I wanted to "move around" the
      >individual panels to add text comments besides each one. From the way I
      >understand web browsers work, they wouldn't download the image 6 times.
      >And this way, there would be the extra bonus of preserving the full
      >image (avoiding the need for a separate download to get the full picture).

      I don't follow exactly what you want to do, but 'clip' can be
      suitable for a certain type of thumbnails. Not for the case where
      there are hundreds of them as mentioned, but when you have just a few
      images and want thumbs for a better overview and a nicer display. You
      can clip the images and "undo" the clipping on hover, so the hovered
      image will "expand" and sort of pop.

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