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  • Alan C
    Aug 4, 2008
      On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 5:39 AM, LaurieK <ladyck3@...> wrote:

      > Loro,

      [ . . ]

      > MS Access is the what I'm using for the DB construction. [ . . ]
      > Yes I am using a "form" within my "asp" page for the search..


      At Google, I entered the next 4 words: boolean asp microsoft access


      at there if you scroll slightly down can seen (asp) form (boolean search)
      but it uses "post" instead of (alternative, maybe) "get", evidently uses 3
      asp pages to achieve the query AND it has at least slight bit of SQL in it

      Isn't this fun? (don't ask me, I know nothing about it the asp, access).

      I did do once, some time ago, I wrote a Perl--cgi interface to a



      which is not Microsoft Access. not asp.

      on an irrelevant note: but I don't know if Mysql supports boolean or not.

      Perl abstracts (keeps details of the SQL away from the Perl programmer)
      which my point is here that a Perl programmer not need to know SQL (Perl
      generates the SQL) for what I was doing the aforementioned Perl--cgi--mysql.

      There's got to be perhaps some GUI app that abstracts (make it easier, more
      user friendly) as opposed to geeky, machine_y like when need to do (what are
      we doing here?)

      I guess (the goal) it is to construct an (boolean) asp query to query an
      access database


      turned up when I now just added abstract onto the google search, a new
      google search, thus:

      abstract boolean asp microsoft access

      (methinks google getting confused on that one [no abstract for/as a word

      But it did turn up a code bank forum "advanced boolean search" at aspfree
      (oh, it appears that it may be a forum about the link Hugo posted about the
      Query.asp) where can ask questions.


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