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  • Hugo Paulissen
    Aug 4, 2008
      That is a good source, but maybe not for beginners? I went through this a couple of years ago (ASP - Queries - MS Access...), and found out that the main thing to master is the querystring. There are ways to have the querystring that is sent to the db displayed to the user (don't ask me now, I'm no longer active in that field); if you enable this you can actually see what the exact searchstring contains. That helped me a lot; it gave me insight in the inner workings of the whole process.
      The form that handles the user input results in a string that must be passed to the database. And this needs to be (fine-)tuned. You'll need to do some learning (lots of websites available), otherwise you have to look for alternatives, but do not give up to soon...
      It may help to change the string within the asp-page itself (append wildchards for instance) - in order to get better results. If you know exactly what the string should be (you can use trial and error) you have to find a way to have this string generated by means of the interaction with the user. Without actually seeing the asp code, and not knowing what the connection is, it is hard to help you out.
      I found the 4guysfromrolla-website very helpful. Another tool that I used to master the database techniques was from Roman Koch (http://www.romankoch.ch/capslock/editor.htm%c2%a0or%c2%a0http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/110999-1.shtml). Play with it and try to see how you can benefit from the example-code. It may be old, but I reckon that will not be a big problem.
      Frontpage is the MS tool that may help you further: it may be used to generate db-connections and instructions in asp directly. I've followed some tutorials about the Frontpage database wizard and learnt a lot from that (see a.o. http://www.frontpagehowto.com/examples.asp). I must acknowledge that I used a tool to have all superfluous code stripped automatically (Notetab was very helpful in that respect). So: I built some code with fronpage, had that stripped in order to look at the resulting querystring, and most of the time I edited the resulting asp-page (but you have to know what you are doing, if you do it that way...).
      Hope this helps.

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      I'm not all that sure about what you want to do, really, but maybe
      one of these scipts does what you want.
      <http://www.hotscrip ts.com/ASP/ Scripts_and_ Components/ Searching/ Database_ Search/>


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