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6439RE: [NH] Looking for Resources

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  • LaurieK
    Aug 3, 2008
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      Well you head is in the right zone.. with me. and all I can do is pray for
      you LOL.. Its such a scary place! hehehe

      Thanks much for entertaining the idea.. Its truly appreciated.


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      > Its not pulling Quilt from Topic and Kansas from Pattern.. Maybe I'm
      > asking for too much?

      Yes you are.

      I have trouble with databases too, if I can't imagine it, I'm stuck, but I
      can imagine your problem. You've got a pile of 18607 cards, imagine the
      cards have three columns, first column contains everything we are not
      interested in, the second column contains everything written in 'Topic' and
      the last everything written in 'Pattern_Receipt'.

      So far so good ?

      When you type something (say ******) into the search box it's like saying to
      your faithful but not very bright helper "Find ******" in the Topic column.
      Hours later after shuffling through the 18607 cards he comes back with say
      30 cards, you look at the cards, and say but there's no pattern or receipts
      with ******.

      He says "You didn't tell me to look there"

      All I know about MS Access is that I don't want to learn more, but I suspect
      you have a query that says something like
      'Query Topic for ******'
      and it should say something like
      'Query Topic AND/OR Pattern_Receipt for ******'
      You'll have to find somebody else to help you there, you might even need a
      second input box on the form.

      > Maybe I don't know what I want...

      Always possible, but at least I've got a faint clue even if I can't do the
      detail for you.


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