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6418Re: [NH] Cyrillic text written in NTP appears as question marks in browser

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  • Dave
    Jun 9, 2008
      Have a look at the top few lines of the html pages and see weather the font
      spec is correct for Ukraine do not think it was saved
      i.e. <META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

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      From: "Roman Korol" <korolster0@...>
      To: <ntb-html@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Monday, June 09, 2008 11:23 PM
      Subject: [NH] Cyrillic text written in NTP appears as question marks in

      > Some history is necessary here, so please bear with me.
      > Recently I had to replace my C drive and did a re-installation of my
      > software including NTP v.5.61/fv.
      > I did the proper language settings in Windows XP, which is my
      > operating platform. (I mean clicking on Strart -->Control Panel
      > -->Regional and Language Options, and choosing the proper languages;
      > in this case, English, French, and Ukrainian).
      > In NTP, I selected a proper font and chose "Cyrillic", a selection
      > which worked in the past. It allowed me to type in NTP in Ukrainian,
      > code my web page, and the text appeared normally in the browser.
      > But now, after the new installation of NTP on my hard drive, this does
      > not work any more. When I launch a browser (Firefox, and also IE) to
      > view those html files that had been prepared and saved in NTP prior to
      > my replacement of my dirve C, the Cyrillic in these files is now not
      > recognized by the browser. What I get is question marks. The text in
      > the html file itslf is changed to question marks, too.
      > Typing new files in Cyrillic using NTP still works fine, but for
      > viewing those files in NTP only. When I try to view these files in a
      > browser, the same problem occurs: question marks appear in place of
      > the Cyrillic characters. Then, when I want to view the file in NTP
      > after it had been viewed in the browser, all Cyrillic text is replaced
      > by question marks too.
      > To ensure that my language settings work in Windows, and my HTML code
      > is correct, I tried another text edtor: the open-source Nvu, available
      > at http://www.nvudev.com/download.php
      > I wrote a short text composed of English and Ukrainian, and tried it
      > in Firefox. It worked OK.
      > This leads me to suppose that there is a problem in the interface
      > between NTP and the browser insofar as Cyrillic is concerned.
      > Possibly some other settings in NTP unknown to me, that I had in my
      > old copy of NTP which once worked perfectly for me, have been
      > unattended to because I do not know them.
      > My apologies for the length of the post. I would be very grateful for
      > any help to resolve this obstacle, as I do not want to give up NTP for
      > my work needlessly.
      > Regards,
      > --Roman Korol
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