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6415Cyrillic text written in NTP appears as question marks in browser

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  • Roman Korol
    Jun 9, 2008
      Some history is necessary here, so please bear with me.

      Recently I had to replace my C drive and did a re-installation of my
      software including NTP v.5.61/fv.

      I did the proper language settings in Windows XP, which is my
      operating platform. (I mean clicking on Strart -->Control Panel
      -->Regional and Language Options, and choosing the proper languages;
      in this case, English, French, and Ukrainian).

      In NTP, I selected a proper font and chose "Cyrillic", a selection
      which worked in the past. It allowed me to type in NTP in Ukrainian,
      code my web page, and the text appeared normally in the browser.

      But now, after the new installation of NTP on my hard drive, this does
      not work any more. When I launch a browser (Firefox, and also IE) to
      view those html files that had been prepared and saved in NTP prior to
      my replacement of my dirve C, the Cyrillic in these files is now not
      recognized by the browser. What I get is question marks. The text in
      the html file itslf is changed to question marks, too.

      Typing new files in Cyrillic using NTP still works fine, but for
      viewing those files in NTP only. When I try to view these files in a
      browser, the same problem occurs: question marks appear in place of
      the Cyrillic characters. Then, when I want to view the file in NTP
      after it had been viewed in the browser, all Cyrillic text is replaced
      by question marks too.

      To ensure that my language settings work in Windows, and my HTML code
      is correct, I tried another text edtor: the open-source Nvu, available
      at http://www.nvudev.com/download.php

      I wrote a short text composed of English and Ukrainian, and tried it
      in Firefox. It worked OK.

      This leads me to suppose that there is a problem in the interface
      between NTP and the browser insofar as Cyrillic is concerned.
      Possibly some other settings in NTP unknown to me, that I had in my
      old copy of NTP which once worked perfectly for me, have been
      unattended to because I do not know them.

      My apologies for the length of the post. I would be very grateful for
      any help to resolve this obstacle, as I do not want to give up NTP for
      my work needlessly.


      --Roman Korol
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