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  • Axel Berger
    May 9, 2008
      Greg Chapman wrote:
      > HTMLTidy will automatically correct some basic errors and
      > provide a user definable pretty layout

      Yes but that layout is not the way I like it. What I do recommend is
      the Html Validator extension for Firefox. It gives you both the W3C
      Validator errors and Html Tidy warnings and hints and lets you view
      the source with the relevant part highlighted -- a big help. The
      only thing it does not do is character errors because the extension
      only sees the code after thert browser has internally converted the
      characters. (This is a bad thing for me, because I prefer to write
      German in US-ASCII encoding and these are my most frequent

      N.B: I too am happy to take a look at your code, Joe. We'll soon
      lick those errors, promise.

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