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  • woodysnomad
    May 8, 2008
      Well, I started with 47 errors and I'm down to 11 after many hours of
      trying to figure this stuff out. The DOCTYPE was all my error and I
      put in a line for HTML 4.1. I also used utf-8 for the charater set
      but have no idea what that is for or if it's working. I used LI in a
      table and found out that's no good but it worked in actuality. I used
      the LU but it gave me 2 lines and I only wanted single spacing so I
      used a special character with some blanks and it works OK but the
      bullet and the "topic" is underlined. Don't know how to get rid of
      this??? Also where I put BODY following HEAD according to everything
      have read, I get a validation error of document type does not allow
      element BODY here? No clue here. I also have 4 occurances of end tag
      for element P which is not open. I have practically re-written the
      file and I cannot find one occurance of this and I have also tried a
      search to no avail. The next bigee is "a word" is not a member of a
      group specified for any attribute. Can figure this out yet either.
      AT least I'm trying to validate and I have learned a bunch just by
      starting over and checking every line by line... URGH
      Thanks in advance,
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