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6333Re: [NH] Colors of link, vlink & alink when using a photo background.

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  • Axel Berger
    May 6 10:12 AM
      As to colour I stand by what several people wrote, it must be
      perception. As a case in point I have just adjusted the default colours
      in my browsers a little. Text made of thin lines looks totally different
      from the block of colour where I define it, it took many trial and error
      steps to get it right. (My being colour deficient limits choices.)

      But additionally we no longer use MGA or CGA, where a pixel is a pixel,
      but proportional fonts where lines straddle pixel boundaries. The actual
      pixel then becomes a mixture of foreground and background colour. You
      can see that by taking a screen shot and zooming very far in with a tool
      that does not smooth the enlargement but shows actual pixels as square
      blocks (Irfanview when looking at a selection). There's not much you can
      do but live with it and choose colours it does not become too bad with.

      woodysnomad wrote:
      > body { font = bold; size = -1 }

      I've done that myself, as it seems to be the taste of the advertising
      flacks and the masses have come to expect it, but it is wrong. You can
      use big and small script where appropriate, but the main text, the bread
      font, ought to be left well alone. The reader chooses how he likes it
      best for optimal legibility and it is up to us to respect their choices.
      In fact three out of four of my browsers are set to ignore all font
      style, size, and colour directives that may be in the page and present
      them exactly the way I find them most comfortable to read.
      At least test your pages with raising and lowering font sizes in the
      browser (<Ctrl><+> in Mozilla) and check they do not break. If they do,
      redesign them.

      And lastly you forgot the basic rule "if you change one colour, change
      them all" If you set a background you must set a font colour and vice
      versa. It may not be very probable, but it's entirely possible that
      someone for whatever reason has set his default font colour to exactly
      or very nearly your choice of background.

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