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6314need a little help with "malformed URI reference"

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  • Bruce Meyers
    Mar 4, 2008
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      In doing a Tidy check of one of my pages, I get this Warning:

      "Escaping malformed URI reference" for the line starting with <a href>
      which is inside a <strong></strong> [It does say URI and not URL and
      I am not sure what that means.]

      Here is the html I am asking about:

      <strong>To communicate with the Senior Resource Center, send an e-
      mail to<br>
      <a href="mailto:scau@...?subject=Message to Senior Resource
      Center">Senior Resource Center</a>  [click on the link to
      open your e-mail]</strong>

      What am I doing wrong here? The entry looks right on the screen and
      the "mailto:" works properly but Tidy says it is "malformed"

      Could it be wrong because the whole thing is set to be "strong?"

      Obviously I am doing something wrong, but I cannot see what. Can you
      see what it is? Thanks

      Bruce Meyers
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