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  • Ray Shapp
    Feb 8, 2008
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      To All,

      An astronomy club I am in would like to alert its members about
      hard-to-forecast short-duration events such as aurora outbursts and rapidly
      changing meteor shower intensities. We would like to provide this alert
      service free of charge for our members and my guess is that we will have about
      200-250 participants who will give us their cell phone numbers. We already
      have email addresses for most of these people.

      I have no experience broadcasting instant messages to multiple recipients,
      therefore, I would much appreciate basic info on how to set up such a service.

      We are based in the northeast U.S., and I suspect service details may vary by
      region. Please help get me started or tell me of another source for this kind
      of info.

      Thank you,

      Ray Shapp
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