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6299Re: [NH] Helvetica Not In Control Panel

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  • Greg Chapman
    Jan 27, 2008
      Hi Ray,

      On 27 Jan 08 22:59 Ray Shapp <ras45@...> said:
      > Is the Helvetica font style proprietary?


      > According to the Wikipedia ... this style is used by a huge
      > variety of organizations, and in very many of my web pages,

      True again!

      > I specify "arial, helvetica", however, I don't see Helvetica
      > listed in the Fonts folder in Control Panel on
      > any of my five computers. Why is it not listed?

      Because Microsoft wouldn't pay the royalty and came up with its close
      copy called Arial. However, I understand that Apple did pay and you
      will find it on those machines.

      Similarly, Microsoft came up with "Times New Roman" when most other
      operating systems bundle "Times".

      > For maximum compatibility, should I be specifying "arial,
      > sans-serif" instead of "arial, helvetica"?

      Most would argue for:
      "arial, helvetica, sans-serif"

      So that Apple systems get Helvetica, unless they've installed any
      Microsoft software that bundled some fonts, and the rest get whatever
      font responds to the generic "sans serif".

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