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  • Dave
    Jan 19, 2008
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      just went to this site it is fine
      http://www.rainbowends.org/cadre.htm two frames just the way it should be??

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      Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2008 1:52 AM
      Subject: [NH] Frames

      > Some days ago I did a little re-vamping and put some
      > additional documents on my website, on a server in the
      > UK. The changes cannot be seen here in Thailand. Going
      > on past experience it will take about a week for the
      > changes to become visible. Have been told that websites
      > are cached on servers around the world and these are only
      > "refreshed" every so often. (?) Anyway, I cannot yet see
      > what bugs the site may have, or even if it is there at
      > all.
      > Frustrating !
      > The site, www.rainbow ends.org uses two vertical frames:
      > a narrow left-hand one to list content and to the right
      > of that the document being viewed.
      > I gather that frames are rather disparaged these days,
      > but the alternative until something better is widely
      > adopted would seem to be tables.
      > The problem with tables is:
      > 1) I do not have time to go manually updating large
      > numbers of files every time the Contents changes
      > (optimistically, I hope to do this more often in future,
      > the site having been almost unchanged in seven years)
      > 2) I do not have any programming skills to automate the
      > task.
      > 3) The content of a table is fixed, while the content of
      > a frame can be changed with a mouse click
      > At the foot of each document there is a link which now
      > goes to a Categories Page which links to several Contents
      > Pages. Each of the latter lists files that can be clicked
      > on and brought up in the Main Frame.
      > Previously there was just a single Contents Page, listing
      > all documents (i.e. no Categories). But this made for a
      > long and rather indigestible list of documents, which
      > would have become longer still with additions.
      > In the good old days, a person clicking on "Contents" at
      > the bottom of a page would see all the documents
      > available. If they came through the Front Page of the
      > site, they would see this in the Main Frame, and if they
      > came though a search-engine they would see it without any
      > frames. Doubtless there was a better way of doing this,
      > but at least there were no frames-within-frames.
      > Now however, using modern browsers -- IE7 and Opera (not
      > having tried with the others) -- this no longer works
      > properly if one is not viewing the files from within
      > frames. Maybe TARGET="xxx" confuses the browser when
      > there is no TARGET="xxx".
      > What happens is that the linked file is opened, but the
      > focus remains on the existing file.
      > With Opera, a new tab appears, but most people would not
      > realise this and so would not click on it.
      > With IE7, a new window opens, but this is often hidden
      > behind the existing window.
      > One answer might be to take people to the Frameset page.
      > But is there is some way of preventing those already
      > viewing within frames from picking up another set of
      > frames ?
      > Would this make the site less accessible to the search-
      > engines ?
      > Despite the frames, which it has always had, five years
      > ago 65% of hits were via the search-engines -- although
      > it had never been promoted to them.
      > Now however, perhaps as result of the site's content
      > remaining unchanged for so long, not only has the number
      > of visitors fallen off considerably, but the proportion
      > coming through the search engines has fallen to 35% of
      > the total.
      > Your advice and comments would be much appreciated.
      > Eric Johnston
      > p.s. Of the search criteria, the one that has brought by
      > far the most visitors to my site is the word "torture".
      > NoteTab site: http://www.notetab.com/
      > Fookes Software site: http://www.fookes.com/
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