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  • bensbach
    Jan 19, 2008
      VERY MANY THANKS for all that information from
      you all.

      I have downloaded and saved pages from the
      links you provided and hope to find time to
      study the alternatives to frames.

      > bensbach wrote:
      > > Have been told that websites are cached on
      > > servers around the world and these are only
      > > "refreshed" every so often. (?) Anyway, I
      > > cannot yet see what bugs the site may have, or
      > > even if it is there at all.
      > > Frustrating !
      > Have you tried to disable your ISPs proxy (if
      > that's what it is about)? You do it in the
      > browser settings. Otherwise, try to use a proxy
      > located somewhere else in the world. The cache
      > that's bothering you should see it as a new URL
      > then, and it won't have it cached. The first
      > one I found with Google. Just type your URL in
      > the box.
      > <http://www.zend2.com/>

      I have not been able to find where to disable my
      ISP's proxy and have searched unsucessfully in
      help under "cache" and "fournisseur d'accès" (I
      have French versions of Opera and IE7).

      When I request a previously existing file, I
      see the old version which was changed nearly a
      week ago now. When I give the URL of a new
      file, I get a "404: not found" response. I do
      not have an ISP in the ordinary sense, here in
      Thailand, as my connection is via a GPRS modem
      using AIS's mobile 'phone network.
      (For example, they have no SMTP server. I have
      to configure my e-mail client to use the server
      of one or other of several ISPs to which I am
      not subscribed, such as loxinfo.com or
      cscoms.com. And that works over here, but I
      don't think it would with European ISPs!)

      I wish my updated site to be visible over here
      not only so as to see if things work alright
      (such as did I get my relative addresses right?
      -- been a long time since I previously wrote
      web-pages) but also so that others can see it.
      Little point in giving people in this part of
      the world the URL of a document if they can't
      then find it.

      I have tried using the Google cache, but the
      results are the same. Ditto with all the other
      proxies, except one which did not have the site.

      If you are not seeing on the Front Page the
      photos of Burma's three top ruling generals,
      you are not seeing the updated site,

      Eric Johnston
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