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  • loro
    Jan 19, 2008
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      bensbach wrote:
      >Have been told that websites are cached on servers around the world
      >and these are only
      > "refreshed" every so often. (?) Anyway, I cannot yet see
      > what bugs the site may have, or even if it is there at
      > all.
      > Frustrating !

      Have you tried to disable your ISPs proxy (if that's what it is
      about)? You do it in the browser settings. Otherwise, try to use a
      proxy located somewhere else in the world. The cache that's bothering
      you should see it as a new URL then, and it won't have it cached. The
      first one I found with Google. Just type your URL in the box.

      >1) I do not have time to go manually updating large
      > numbers of files every time the Contents changes
      > (optimistically, I hope to do this more often in future,
      > the site having been almost unchanged in seven years)

      If that's why you use frames, tables isn't the solution. SSI (Server
      Side Includes) is. It isn't a programming language, more of a server
      feature. Special tags in the HTML get replaced with the content of a
      file before the server sends the page to the browser.

      An example.
      <!--#include virtual="/path/to/menu.txt" -->

      Then you put all the code for the menu in the file menu.txt and it
      will appear everywhere you put the above tag. Easy-peasy.

      The same thing can be done with PHP and other real programming
      languages, but SSI is easy and available on most servers.

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