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6285Re: [NH] Frames

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  • Axel Berger
    Jan 18, 2008
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      bensbach wrote:
      > I gather that frames are rather disparaged these days,
      > but the alternative until something better is widely
      > adopted would seem to be tables.

      No, tables are just as bad. Please go and take a look at


      and the sample page that links to -- and most of all follow the links to
      those people I have copied all the ideas from. They all give very good
      and comprehensive explanations.

      If I cared enough I could write code around the IE glitches, but I
      don't, and more importantly IE users don't care about quality anyway.
      All the main things work on all browsers anyway (including, I hope, pure
      text browsers, Braille readers and speach engines) and that is as it
      should be.

      > 3) The content of a table is fixed, while the content of
      > a frame can be changed with a mouse click

      I do that with server includes, which are just as simple if not more so.

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