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  • hsavage
    Nov 27, 2007
      Hi all,

      This is a little beside the point but, can someone furnish me with a
      link to download the latest Tidy version. I use it rarely but would
      like to have the most recent version.

      Googling and viewing Sourceforge.net the newest version I've found was
      dated April 04, 2006. I believe the newest was issued a couple of
      months ago.

      Checking the CVS(repository) was of little use to me. I couldn't locate
      the new version.

      ºvº SL-11-215 -created- 2007.11.27 - 18.12.55

      "Overcoming Anal Retentive Behavior:
      Leaving the Towels on the Floor."
      ¤ ø ¤ hrs ø hsavage@...
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