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6271Re: [NH] Tidy config file

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  • Marcelo de Castro Bastos
    Nov 26, 2007
      Interviewed by CNN on 24/11/2007 01:06, Marcelo de Castro Bastos told
      the world:
      > Fourth: I don't think there are any options to do what you ask, specifically -- Tidy's original purpose was to "tidy up" messy code, in orde to make it easier to read (checking and fixing bad code came later). So, the idea is applying whitespace in a consistent way throughout the file -- "preserving" the original whitespace goes kinda against the whole idea. There are a few options to tweak the formatting, such as the indenting and wordwrap widths, but I didn't find any for adding blank lines
      My mistake, turns out that there IS an option in tidy.cfg to add extra
      blank lines. It's



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