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  • Marcelo de Castro Bastos
    Nov 25, 2007
      Interviewed by CNN on 25/11/2007 10:17, WV-Mike told the world:
      > At 07:13 PM 11/24/2007 , you wrote:
      >> Personally, I prefer having the <IMG> inside a paragraph, especially if
      >> the pic is supposed to be related to the paragraph content. Something
      >> like this:
      >> <p class="comments"><img src="d21_tuesday_w4/ert07CA_D21_wk4_tues01.jpg"><br>
      >> ert07CA_D21_wk4_tues02.jpg </p>
      > -----------------------
      > Hi Marcelo,
      > I tried the above with multiple paras and images and ran Tidy.
      > Tidy removed all the lines separating the paras and I had a solid block of
      > mark-up when Tidy finished.
      > Grrrr...
      Weird... I have blank lines between paragraphs when I do that.
      > Off the subject, but - for some reason I thought the <p> tag was for text
      > only. Not sure where I got this idea.
      No, the <p> tag is intended for delimiting paragraphs in body text. BUT
      paragraphs CAN contain images. For instance, lots of chat & blog sites,
      and IM/e-mail clients, nowadays will replace the traditional
      character-based smileys with pictures embedded in the text. That's
      perfectly valid HTML.
      Actually, the most peculiar thing about this tag and its siblings, the
      <h1>...<h6> tags, is that they are block elements, but they cannot
      contain other body elements. That is, they are not "full-fledged" block
      > Also, is the <br> needed in your example above?
      > I did/did not included it and saw no difference in formatting.
      Well, I assumed that you wanted the text _below_ the images (as opposed
      to beginning on the right of the image). If you take out the <br> and
      the image is not wide enough to fill up the provided area, the text will
      begin to the right of the image instead of below it.

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