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6264Re: [NH] Tidy config file

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  • hsavage
    Nov 24, 2007
      WV-Mike wrote:
      > I am running Tidy (latest version ) from NoteTabPro 4.5 with no
      > configuration file.
      > I was wondering if anyone can find what would be a representative Tidy
      > config file for the default settings of TIDY.
      > I looked around an I cannot find such a thing.
      > There is a list for default settings here:
      > http://tidy.sourceforge.net/docs/quickref.html
      > But I cannot convert this to a config file.
      > If a config file is used will the settings be in
      > addition to the default settings, or override them?
      > The only thing I would like to change is the way
      > Tidy strips blank lines. Currently, when I run Tidy
      > it will change ^p^p or ^p^p^p to ^p
      > I prefer the extra lines in my mark-up for ease of editing.
      > Any thoughts on this?
      > Thanks,
      > -Mike


      The link you listed appears to be the default list with some additional

      It should be safe to assume defaults can be changed with a config file,
      else, why would multiple parameters be listed.

      You can get and save, a default list, an all option parameter list, and,
      a help list by running each of the short clips below.

      H="Tidy -List Default Options"
      ; lists all options, showing defaults
      ^!Set %tidypath%="^?{(T=D)Path to Tidy.exe=}"
      ^!Menu File/New
      ^!RenameDoc Tidy-option defaults
      ^$GetDosOutput("^%tidypath%tidy" -show-config)$
      ^!Save As "^%tidypath%options\Tidy-option defaults.txt"

      H="Tidy -List All Option Parameters"
      ; lists all options, showing all choice parameters
      ^!Set %tidypath%="^?{(T=D)Path to Tidy.exe=}"
      ^!Menu File/New
      ^!RenameDoc Tidy-all option choices
      ^$GetDosOutput("^%tidypath%tidy" -help-config)$
      ^!Save As "^%tidypath%options\Tidy-all option parameters.txt"

      H="Tidy-Options Help"
      ; lists option help, shows defaults
      ^!Set %tidypath%="^?{(T=D)Path to Tidy.exe=}"
      ^!Menu File/New
      ^!RenameDoc Tidy-options help.txt
      ^$GetDosOutput("^%tidypath%tidy" -help)$
      ^!Save As "^%tidypath%options\Tidy-options help.txt"

      My tidy.cfg begins as follows with a few extra lines of options as examples.

      // HTML TIDY CONFIGURATION FILE Created 2004-04-24 @ 10:56:09 with
      Notetab Pro
      // Html, Xhtml, Xml Options
      add-xml-decl: 0
      add-xml-pi: 0
      add-xml-space: 0
      assume-xml-procins: 0
      bare: 0

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