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6160Re: [NH] NoteTab and Safari

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  • Marcelo de Castro Bastos
    Oct 27, 2007
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      Interviewed by CNN on 26/10/2007 20:28, buralex@... told the world:
      > Marcelo: did you try my suggestions in:
      > http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ntb-html/message/6155 in this thread?
      > The key point was that Safari appears to need "-url" in its command
      > line. If this is done Safari can be set up as either primary or
      > secondary browser in Notetab toolbar.

      Yeah, I tried it now and surprise... it WORKED.

      I had kinda dismissed it at first, because I had previously found the
      -url info and it hadn't worked in my original test with local files.
      Turns out that apparently it only works with full URLs OR full
      pathnames, so my original command-line tests failed (because I just
      copied a HTML file to the current folder and tried to open it directly).

      Thanks for making me have another look at it. I still think it's stupid
      that Apple (you know, that company that claims their products "just
      work") makes the users jump through all these hoops. But now at least
      there's an easy way to do the HTML testing.


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