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6157Re: [NH] NoteTab and Safari

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  • Marcelo de Castro Bastos
    Oct 26, 2007
      Interviewed by CNN on 26/10/2007 12:10, Bruce Meyers told the world:
      > I am not sure exactly what you mean. I can open Safari, click on OpenFile and browse to any html file and open it. If you are talking about opening it through NoteTab, I do not know what to do, but just opening Safari (in XPHome) and then opening an html file is very simple for me. I do not have to make Safari the default browser.
      > I do not find it difficult to open a browser directly rather than using "View In Browser" in NoteTab. I did nothing special to make this work after I downloaded Safari for Windows.
      As I see it, the main point of having Safari in Windows, frankly, is to
      test HTML code in one more engine. Despite whatever the Apple PR machine
      might claim, Safari for Windows is still rough around the edges and does
      not have much to offer when compared to Firefox or Opera for day-to-day

      Having that in mind, the idea is to take the same file and open it
      sequentially, in IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari to look for rendering
      problems. I can do it easily enough for the first three -- either from
      inside Notetab (although additional "alternate browser" buttons would be
      a good feature) or from Windows Explorer, by right-clicking and
      selecting "Open With." Opera is the only one that needs "special
      treatment." I mean, I'm *looking* at the damn file (either inside
      NoteTab or in a folder), I shouldn't have to "browse to it" AGAIN. It
      takes half a second to open a file in IE, Firefox or Opera; it takes
      anywhere up to thirty seconds to do the same in Safari. THAT's the issue.

      Because of those limitations, testing code in Safari currently is just
      an afterthought -- it's not practical to do it routinely. I would like
      to do it better, both because of the Mac public and because of Linux/KDE
      users (Konqueror and Safari are based on similar technology).

      Just my opinion! (But I'm right!!!)
      * TagZilla 0.066 on Seamonkey 1.1.4
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