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6155Re: [NH] NoteTab and Safari

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  • buralex@gmail.com
    Oct 20, 2007
      Larry Hamilton <lmh@...> said on Oct 20, 2007 15:09
      -0400 (in part):
      > Marcelo de Castro Bastos wrote:
      >> > Did anybody figure out how to (easily) open a HTML file in Safari for
      >> > Windows, WITHOUT resorting to making it the system's default browser? It
      >> > would be very useful for testing code in KHTML... however, so far I
      >> > have been unable to make Safari load a file from the command-line. I
      >> > have been doing that with Opera, Mozilla and IE for years with no
      >> > problems... it would be nice adding a fourth browser engine.
      >> >
      > Marcelo,
      > Have you tried using the Browsers.dat file?
      That's really weird - Marcelo seems to indicate that if you make Safari
      the default browser then it WILL open the correct page when asked (by
      Notetab - and presumably your email client and/or a URL shortcut etc.)

      Marcelo - do you have Process Explorer (just Google - formerly from
      Sysinternals - now Microsoft) on your system?
      With it, double clicking on a running task opens a properties window -
      on its image tab you can grab and copy the command-line that has been
      used to initiate the browser.

      I have a small program called URLrun.exe
      (http://www.sellsbrothers.com/tools/) which when invoked will open any
      URL-like string it finds in the clipboard. - Its also handy for fixing
      URLs "broken" in emails - it removes CR's etc. to come up with the
      correct URL. Works great if placed in Quick Launch toolbar.

      I copied the address of Safari-downloads to clipboard, initiated
      URLrun.exe and found this command-line (my default browser is currently

      * "C:\Program Files\AmbPF_notins\UrlRun\UrlRun.exe" - it opened
      Firefox with this command-line:
      -requestPending -osint -url
      "http://www.apple.com/safari/download/" - this opened the
      "choose profile" dialog then terminated
      + after opening a *NEW* instance of Firefox with the
      same command line.

      So as an "experiment" lets try downloading Safari, making it temporarily
      the "default browser" and see what we see ...
      OK ... not yet tested but this appears to be the format of the command
      line used by Windows when it invokes Safari as the default browser:

      * "C:\Program Files\AmbPF\Safari\Safari.exe" -url
      o pasting the above in Start-Run box successfully invokes
      Safari. YIPPEE!!

      So ... I put this entry in "browsers.dat":

      Command=C:\Program Files\AmbPF\Safari\Safari.exe -url "%1"

      Now I can go to Tools-Internet in Notetab and set either Main Browser or
      Other Browser to "Safari" (w/o quotes) and clicking the appropriate tool
      button opens the current file/buffer in Safari. (If set as "Main
      Browser" this is also the one that will be used by [Open Link] command.

      Regards ... Alec -- buralex-gmail

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