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6153Re: [NH] NoteTab and Safari

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Oct 20, 2007
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      Marcelo de Castro Bastos wrote:
      > Did anybody figure out how to (easily) open a HTML file in Safari for
      > Windows, WITHOUT resorting to making it the system's default browser? It
      > would be very useful for testing code in KHTML... however, so far I
      > have been unable to make Safari load a file from the command-line. I
      > have been doing that with Opera, Mozilla and IE for years with no
      > problems... it would be nice adding a fourth browser engine.

      Have you tried using the Browsers.dat file?

      I do not have Safari, so I cannot test.

      The Browsers.dat file allows you to define multiple browsers that can be
      easily referenced with the ^!URL command.

      For example, I have this in one of my NoteTab installation's browser.dat
      for Opera, I believe it is the default browsers.dat from installation.

      ;Add full path to Opera.exe file name below if you have several versions
      of the browser
      DdeCommand=Opera.exe /nowin /e

      I am not sure what the settings might be for Safari.

      I tried Googling for Safari command line options, but did not find much.

      I found the Safari download page, http://www.apple.com/safari/download/,
      and tried searching there, but no matches. If it is on Apple's site, you
      need to know what they call it.

      I'm running on my Linux partition right now. Out of curiosity, I
      downloaded Safari for Windows. It will install under Wine, but will not
      run. There is a help file buried a few levels down under the
      "Safari.resources" directory, in the Help directory under en.lproj.

      My curiosity was peaked, so I booted up another PC with Windows and
      installed Safari.

      I searched the help and nothing about command lines. I tried using
      various options:

      safari.exe webpage
      safari.exe /?
      safari.exe --help

      No joy. Evidently there are no command line options for Windows safari,
      or they are not documented.

      I tried using the browsers.dat anyway, and all it does is launch a new
      instance of Safari at the safari homepage.

      The only other way to open a page from NoteTab in Safari would be to
      write a clip to paste in the path of the file in the address bar. Not
      elegant, but it would work.

      Safari cannot open a directory listing, like other browsers can. I was
      going to suggest you make a shortcut to the directory with the files you
      would be testing, so Safari would display the filenames that you could
      then click on.

      Another option would be to build an HTML page that uses javascript or
      another scripting language to give a list of the files in a directory
      that would update when they change.

      You can also drag & drop files onto Safari to be opened.

      Until Apple gives more polish to Safari, it looks like you'll have to
      get creative to automate opening a page from NoteTab.

      If you or anyone else happens to figure it out, let us know.

      Larry Hamilton
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