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6150Re: [NH] Loading a specific image first

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  • Axel Berger
    Oct 17 9:37 AM
      WV-Mike wrote:
      > I would like the header image,
      > which is also a background image, to load first.

      There is no header image - as you say yourself there is only a
      background. An image is content, a background decoration. The first
      thing every single browser offered when colours etc. were first
      introduced into HTML was the ability to switch them off and for very
      many users, me included, that's how their browsers are set up. So you
      must expect your readers to never see your background. I have to admit
      though, that in your case it really is only decorative, but too many
      others are unaware of the distinction and place content where many users
      will never find it and never even get a hint it's there.

      I think it is a good thing when browsers load content first and quickly
      and decoration after and I have no idea how to alter that. If your image
      is important to you, make it content.

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