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6112NoteTab Pro 5.3 and NoteTab Std 5.3 released!

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  • Eric Fookes
    Jul 6, 2007
      Hi everyone,

      We're pleased to announce the release of NoteTab Pro 5.3 and NoteTab Std
      5.3! This update is free for NoteTab 5.x customers.

      You will find the upgrade information through NoteTab's "Check for
      Updates" feature, which is available from the Help menu. If you don't
      see the version 5.3 info in the News and Updates window, make sure you
      click on the "Get headlines" button at the top-left of the dialog box to
      refresh the list.

      Improvements since previous update:

      * Improved "Replace Notepad" feature under Windows 2000, 2003, and XP.
      Feature not available under Windows Vista.

      * File Associations set through NoteTab now work under Windows XP with a
      user "Limited Account" and under Windows Vista.

      * Added /RESETWND command-line switch, which resets the NoteTab window
      position and size at startup. This switch is useful if the NoteTab
      window does not show up when you start the program.

      * Fixed issue with some system dialogs opening offscreen on
      multi-monitor systems.

      * Fixed issue with Clip-wizard labels not appearing under Windows Vista.

      * Fixed issue with header/footer text not always appearing when printing

      * Fixed issue causing a long delay when opening a file from a shared
      drive (e.g. \\Vista-central\public\file.txt).

      * Fixed sorting issue with ^$GetFileFirst$ Clip function.

      * Fixed Vista compatibility issue with ^!Keyboard Clip command.

      * Updated the regular expressions engine to the latest release, which is
      based on PCRE 7.2. See the following document for a list of improvements:

      * Updated the print engine to the latest release.

      * Added ^$GetWinVersion$ function to return the version of Windows that
      is running NoteTab. Possible values are: Win95, Win98, WinME, NT4,
      WinXP, Win2000, Win2003, Vista, Longhorn, Unknown.

      * Improved ^!SetDebug Clip command. Now has the capability of storing
      debug information in a log file. Simply specify a filename as the
      parameter. If no pathname is specified, the log file is saved under the
      "Application Data\NoteTab\Libraries" folder. Example:
      ^!SetDebug Log.txt

      * Many other minor improvements and bug fixes.


      Eric Fookes