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6056Re: [NH] IE7 won't display graphic other browsers will - reply to Hugo

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  • Axel Berger
    May 30, 2007
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      Bruce Meyers wrote:
      > If it works in Firefox2 and Opera9, why would it be the code?

      All browsers have some capability of autocorrecting faulty code and
      trying to show something regardless. I fullheartedly agree with Cary and
      Corl: FIRST make sure your code is correct and validates and only then
      adapt to browser incompatibilities should there be any.

      Anything else is like telling your teacher "Why do you mark my spelling,
      my mum undertands what I meant.".

      I still don't quite undertand your problem though. If you have really
      done this

      > converting it from a .doc file to a .txt file
      > and then to an .html file.

      it ought to have been pure text without any markup. In that case it may
      well look bland and boring, but there is no reason for your:

      > I do not understand most of the code and I have no idea
      > how to "clean it up"

      There simply can't and won't be any code for you to understand in the
      first place.

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