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6052Re: [NH] IE7 won't display graphic other browsers will

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  • Hugo Paulissen
    May 30, 2007

      Please show us some of the remaining HTML (after cleaning). I do not think the problem is the image, but the code. I've noticed that Word outputs some code to check if the browser is IE or not. If you delete these sections (if apparent) it ought to work...


      I had to convert a Word .doc file to display it on a site I work on. I
      saved the file as a .txt file and then used NT to convert it to html.
      The resulting file is a "disaster" but it works except that a .gif file
      that will be displayed in Firefox and Opera will not display in IE7.
      I know that there are IE problems and some ways to work around them.
      Can anyone offer some advice on how to get this .gif file to work?

      The html is the standard src="image001. gif" and that does work in
      Firefox 2.0 and Opera 9. Can anyone direct me to some place that will
      explain what I can do to make it work in IE? I believe that most of
      the visitors to the site will be using some version of IE (probably
      IE6) and I would like to fix the code so that they can see this
      graphic. This is not up on any site yet so I can't direct you to it,
      but I think this is a common problem I have not seen an answer for.
      Thanks in advance for any tips or advice. Bruce M


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