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598Re: [NH] Re: [NTB] Clip on File->Save?

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  • Richard S. Smith
    Aug 1, 2000
      Grant, that's a clever and elegant solution. Thanks. Unfortunately
      it won't work for me because I have to support multiple browsers
      including Lynx, so relying upon JavaScript behavior is a non-starter.

      So, I'm back to my original question, which is, can I "hook" a menu
      event like File->Save and "bind" a Clip to it? It's looking more and
      more like the answer is "No", so I guess I'll just write the Clip to
      do the text substitution and then instruct my users to manually run
      the clip when they need to save.

      I'm a tad disappointed that I can't make it into a passive, automated
      process, though. I guess I'm spoiled by Emacs, which allows you to
      bind code just about anywhere. But if NT-Emacs weren't so unfriendly
      to novice users, I wouldn't be using NoteTab, now would I? :-)

      Thanks again for the help.

      emerge@... (Grant) wrote:
      > Richard said
      > > Sorry if this is a question for the clips list or the HTML list, but
      > > I'm a new NoteTab user and I have what I hope is a simple question.
      > >
      > > When I edit an HTML file, the standard format for my site is that the
      > > last line before the </body></html> tags is a "Last modified:" line
      > > with the current date. My question is, can I (with clips or any other
      > > way) set things up so that when I save the file, the date gets
      > > automatically updated?
      > Open the html doc in Notetab
      > Run this clip once only.
      > It will insert A simple piece of javascript that will do the trick.
      > H=lastModified
      > ^!Find "</body" CIWS
      > ^!Jump SELECT_START
      > ^%NL%<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
      > document.write('<hr /><p>lastModified: ' + document.lastModified + '</p>')
      > </script>^%NL%
      > ^!Save

      Richard S. Smith / Email: rss@... / Web: http://www.idiom.com/~rss
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