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5942Re: [NH] Crediting a Photograph

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  • Axel Berger
    Mar 26, 2007
      loro wrote:
      > Not many. Old.

      Don't know, I had that problem with the newest Firefox 1.5. Maybe it was
      because I did not use width but just a max-width and wanted centering
      when that was exceeded, but it didn't happen.

      OTOH I think it is the old ones we ought to support. If we conform to
      standards (that of course is a must, always) and early adopters install
      new junk that does not, tough.
      But if someone uses software she's content with and we use new gimmiks
      without any real need for them that break it and force her to upgrade,
      then that's the height of arrogance on our side. Even well known old
      bugs should be taken into account if possible within reasonable effort.
      Sure there may be reasons. Playing MP3s just can't be done on an IBM XT,
      so no upgrade no music and that can't be helped.

      But I just encountered the opposide. My old phone switchboard used a few
      menues to enter data and wrote them into the switchboard through a
      serial connection. All that under DOS and on my XT compatible DOS 5.0
      handheld. My new switchboard uses a few menues to enter data and writes
      them into the switchboard through a serial connection. But the software,
      if anything less useable than the old but with more colours, runs in
      interpreted Java and my notebook with 780 times the computing power of
      an XT can't keep up with the serial timing. Those nutters expect me to
      get a new computer just to stand out in the landing and log some calls.

      We web designers are often the same. We do not normally offer anything
      that an old browser wasn't designed to cope with, we only do it in a
      more garish way.

      (And yes, I may well be a purist leaning towards the puritan.)

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