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5935Re: [NH] Crediting a Photograph

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  • Greg Chapman
    Mar 26, 2007
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      Hi Marcelo,

      On 26 Mar 07 14:01 Marcelo de Castro Bastos <mcblista@...>
      > One way is to define the width of the <DIV> on the style, with
      > "width:300px" or similar.
      > If you are NOT floating the image, you can even do the whole thing
      > with a paragraph:
      > <p style="text-align:right;width:300px;"><img src="imagename.jpg"
      > height="200" width="300" alt="Image description"><br />Image
      > caption</p>

      I was trying to centre the image within the window. Your code doesn't
      appear to do that and I haven't discovered the technique, with DIV or
      FLOAT to do that. (If I put an align="center" attribute to the P tag,
      it gets ignored because of the styling.)


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