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5769Using CSS to space lists & paragraphs

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  • Christine
    Mar 1, 2007
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      Boy do I feel weird posting a question, knowing things will always be
      different. At least, everytime we post, we can't help but have Jody
      flash through our thoughts, right?

      Here goes:

      I'm trying to space my paragraphs and list items similarly to how I
      do it in Word. For example, let's say I have a Justified paragraph.
      Rather than a double carriage return in between paragraphs, I set the
      bottom row (and this would apply to a list item or the last row of
      one if it wrapped), to have 1/2 a row height after it. This creates
      a nice little space that gives the eye a break, but doesn't waste so
      much space.

      All the line height details with CSS apply height to an entire line
      or paragraph, with the space above it. If I'm wrong, do you know how
      I can do this?

      I'm thinking I need to create something for a transparent .gif or
      something that would occupy that space. However, I have issues with
      determining size. I don't understand what an em is, a px, etc. I
      know what it IS, but now how big it is. Or isn't.

      Does anyone have any ideas on this? Sorry it's as clear as mud.

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