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5704Re: [NH] Bad Rendering MSIE vs FF

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    Dec 15, 2006
      Ray Shapp wrote:

      >When I browse by Subject, MSIE renders the output fine, but Firefox shows
      >the raw HTML -- not
      >as a web page. I have copied the output to a separate text file, and saved it
      >as "browse.htm". then that file renders properly in both browsers. I have run
      >browse.htm through the CSE HTML Validator, and the only complaint is that some
      >books contain an unescaped ampersand in the title. I doubt that's causing the
      >problem because when I create a test file, containing unescaped ampersands,
      >Firefox renders it as a web page with no problem.
      >To see an example, please visit www.asterism.org Then click Club Activities >
      >Library Book Search. If you use the Find form for Author, Title, Publisher or
      >Year, both browsers render OK. If you use the Browse form for any subject,
      >only Firefox will fail.

      No, not only FF. I'd guess most browsers except IE will show the page as
      text. Mostly servers default to the content-type text/plain if nothing else
      is specified. That's what happens here. But IE is IE. If it sees a HTML tag
      it goes at it. Same thing happens if you name your pages something.txt.
      When on a server IE will treat them as text/html. Locally it's different.

      You need to make your script print a HTTP-header with the correct
      content-type before it outputs any HTML.
      print "Content-Type: text/html\n\n";

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