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5680Re: [NH] Re: [NTB] Tables or not

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  • Cary Driscoll
    Nov 13, 2006
      Oh, I just noticed this after I sent the last mail. Since "#content-main"
      had a 10px margin it's width should be reduced to 655px. This will allow the
      "#content div" padding to be increased back up to 9px. The original padding
      was 10px, but the new arrangement of divs can cause the "content-left"
      column to flow under the "content-right" instead of along the left side if
      the total width of the left and right content gets any bigger..

      Modified styles:

      #content div {
      border:0px solid #CAB59A; }

      #content-main {
      width:655px; }
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