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564Re: [NH] open new window when use a link ....

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  • Bill Scott
    Jul 6, 2000
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      Bill *||:>) wrote:

      Thanks grant ... beginning to think no one loved ... me ha ha ..

      Grant wrote:

      If you open a page in the same window (a normal link) then the
      objects which belong to it , like the history object,(the back
      button) would work.

      Bill *||:>) wrote:

      I think I see what you mean if there is no history then the back
      button is not there so that the back button is a function of
      where you have been ?

      Unless it is my imagination I have been to pages that grey out
      the back button when I did have previous history ... how do you

      What I did so far is to write a page


      which has a popup window that goes to

      ERA search pages and such ... with no tool bar
      so that the customer continues to have a window
      that has era ginter brown .... and a window which
      has all the functions of era main pages ... here is
      the pop up window code for anyone that wants to play
      with it ....

      <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">
      window.open ('http://www.ERA.com/propertysearch.html',

      Of course going off to era main pages makes my pages look plain .
      My customer does not have the budget for the same type pages that
      era main. Any suggestions as how to dress up ERA ginter brown
      without slowing it down ... ?

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