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5591Re: [NH] Browsers Lost Their Backgound Colors

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  • Jody
    Aug 5, 2006
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      Hi Lotta,

      >Hugo Paulissen wrote:
      >>Strange that it both happens in Mozilla-browsers and in IE.
      >Yeah... Jody, this is farfetched, but have you installed a bossy
      >firewall recently? I'm thinking if it has web-washing features,
      >as they all seem to have nowadays, and it's misconfigured to wash
      >away just about everything. IE and FF but not Mozilla sounds like
      >something is recognizing common browsers. Do you have Proxymitron
      >or some other thingamajig that filters web content?

      I did finally get out of EzAntivirus and went to AVG which I
      like, but it has a major setback for me causing my Tooltips (hint
      popups over mouse pointer) not to work while running any email
      download program, even our beloved AsA utility that loaders email
      headers and tags spam for deletion at the server level. However,
      I believe the problem started after that, and, I guess you missed
      it but I found the problem was a setting in the Control Panel |
      Accessibility | Display tab | having the High Contrast feature
      checked. I don't remember checking it, but may have. Might be
      looking for a new freeware antivirus someday, not soon due to

      >CSE HTML Validator Lite - it's free: http://home.earthlink.net/~5wink/dl/cselite652.exe
      >Fookes Software Home: http://www.fookes.us/redir
      >Yahoo! Groups Links

      ...he that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast...
      See ya in the funnies!

      notetab.net, fookes.us, purewords.org
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