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5560Re: [NH] NoteTab Pro 5.0 beta #2 available

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  • Marcelo de Castro Bastos
    Jul 20 2:14 PM
      My main question (which doubles as a suggestion for the marketing of the
      new version) is:

      What are the major new features? Meaning, what is there to entice an
      existing user to upgrade?

      I found two new ones, but they might not even be the most important ones
      for some users:

      - New regexp engine -- apparently more powerful and closer to the syntax
      used in Perl. I didn't test it yet, but I'm hoping that it will be also
      faster and able to process larger find & replace requests.

      - Support for working under a "limited user" account -- that is, it no
      longer needs to have writing rights to the Notetab program folder.

      That's besides some old known bugs that have been fixed...

      Regarding the new regexp engine, two things I would like to see in the
      final version:

      1. Besides the full documentation about the new engine, a shorter
      document highlighting the DIFFERENCES in syntax from the old engine to
      the new.
      2. I didn't check if it's even needed, but, if there's stuff in the old
      regexp syntax that would have a different meaning in the new engine,
      some sort of help converting clips would be very nice -- a conversion
      guide at least, maybe a converter feature (implemented as a clip?) if

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