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5559Re: [NH] NoteTab Pro 5.0 beta #2 available

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  • Paul Dawn
    Jul 20, 2006

      Question, will this be an upgrade from 4.95 Notebook Pro or will we need to
      repurchase the program?



      -------Original Message-------

      From: Eric Fookes

      Date: 7/20/2006 14:47:42

      To: notetab@yahoogroups.com; ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com;
      ntb-NextRelease@yahoogroups.com; ntb-html@yahoogroups.com

      Subject: [NH] NoteTab Pro 5.0 beta #2 available

      Hi everyone,

      NoteTab Pro 5.0 beta #2 is now available for download. As before, there

      Are two packaged versions of this beta release. One with the

      Spell-checker dictionary and thesaurus, and the other smaller one

      Without these files:

      NoteTab Pro 5.0 beta with dictionaries (size: 3,747 KB)


      NoteTab Pro 5.0 beta NO dictionaries (size: 2,535 KB)


      If you have already installed the first public beta, I recommend that

      You uninstall it before running the Setup program. This ensures that you

      Will have all the latest files copied to your NoteTab 5 program folder.

      This update fixes the following issues found since the previous release:

      * The Utilities.clb and SampleCode.clb have been updated to correct some

      Minor errors.

      * Fixed an issue under Windows XP64 that produced document tabs without


      * Question dialog boxes now beep if option allows sound (under XP, the

      Question sound isn't assigned - go figure).

      * Fixed issue with garbage text in display when very long lines are

      Scrolled horizontally.

      * Regex pattern errors are now displayed as meaningful messages.

      * ^$StrSort has been modified to do case sorting just like the Sort

      Command available through the NoteTab menu.

      * Improved the ^$GetDocMatchAll and ^$GetReSubStrings$ Clip functions,

      Which now use the delimiter defined by ^!SetListDelimiter. As a result,

      Results can now be reliably assigned to an array variable.

      * Added a new Clip function: ^$GetLibraryFileName$

      Returns the fully qualified filename of the current Clipbook library.

      Can be used with ^$GetLibraryPath(^$GetLibraryFileName$)$ to extract the

      Corresponding path name.

      * Updated Help files. Added the Regex.chm Help file with detailed

      Information about the PCRE syntax. Replaces the Regex.txt file available

      In the previous release.

      Please send us feedback if you encounter any issues. If all goes well,

      We hope to release the final version before July 26. Thanks for testing!



      Eric Fookes