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5556Re: [NH] using note pad light

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  • fw7oaks
    Jun 30 3:34 PM
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      --- In ntb-html@yahoogroups.com, Whit & Dennie Williams
      <whitsgirl91@...> wrote:
      > yes i see the red notpad on my desktop, thanks for taking the time
      to try and help me :)

      So far so good.

      Double click on the Swiss Flag, this will start NoteTab.

      If I remember correctly Notetab with its first installation opens
      some windows with names like 'Whatsnew.txt', you need to close these.

      At the top click on File, drop down the menu to Close All documents
      and click again.

      This should leave a blank sheet on the right and a column of text
      with some red headings on the left of the blank sheet. At the top of
      the blank sheet on the left will be a tab with the file
      name 'NoName01.txt'.

      Along the bottom of the blank sheet are some tabs too, with green
      mini icons beside the names. Click on the seventh from the
      left 'HTML'. If you're quick you'll notice the text in the column to
      the left of the blank sheet has altered.

      To start a basic HTML document double-click right at the top 'New Web
      page' on the column of text and red headers on the left hand-side.

      You notice a wizard will appear and ask lots of questions, the
      answers to which you should know if you've read any of the books that
      other posters have recommended here. Also a new tab will have
      appeared at the top. This is your first web page being constructed
      for you.

      See how you get on and let us know

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