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5533Re: [NH] Code for HTML Extended Characters

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  • Jody
    Jun 1, 2006
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      Hi Marcelo,

      Just a short note to let you know that I mentioned the line
      numbering to Eric a couple weeks ago, that it was a fairly often
      requested issue. I'll check the status about that, whether it
      might be added this update or not. I'd be happy if there was just
      a number by the actual line starts (cr/lf) and when word wrap is
      on you have a bunch of lines with no numbers by them. I would
      think that blank lines should be numbered as well. I know my CSE
      HTML Validator used with Tools | Validate HTML and W3C's online
      validation tool numbers the blanks and counts the lines only at
      the true line breaks.

      >On the last exciting episode, aired on 1/6/2006 14:50, Jody invited the
      >wrath of the gods by saying:
      >> Hi Marcelo and Others,
      >> I thought I might let you all know that all extended characters
      >> are now set correctly in NoteTab v5B16. There's only two that
      >> remain the decimal instead of the html source code. They are the
      >> following. Eric told me why he left them, but I forget.
      >By the way, as I was working in some files the other day I became aware
      >of a shortcoming in one aspect of Notetab -- namely, the line numbering:
      >The line-numbering refers to the number of lines as *displayed*, not as
      >*saved.* That is, the same line has different numbers when word-wrapping
      >is turned on or off. Since Tidy error reports always refer to "real"
      >line counts (that is, counting actual line breaks), I have to turn
      >wordwrapping off for this info to be of any use. But then, if the lines
      >are long, editing becomes a pain.
      >Of course, I *could* set up Tidy to break long lines -- it solves the
      >problem, kinda. But it also makes the code harder to follow, because
      >the indentations get lost.
      >So, what I would really like is... well, to be able to choose if Notetab
      >counts/numbers/searches lines "as displayed" on screen (meaning that a
      >word-wrapped long line would count as several lines -- that's the
      >present behavior) or if it counts/numbers/searches lines "as saved"
      >(meaning that it long word-wrapped line would count as a single line,
      >that is, it would have the same "line number" no matter if wordwrapping
      >was on or off).
      >I realize this is rather late in the beta stage to ask for new features
      >but... well, I don't know, maybe Eric already considered it? If so, he
      >might interested in knowing that there are people who would like this

      Happy HTML'n!

      Fookes Software Yahoogroups:
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