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5531Re: [NH] Code for HTML Extended Characters

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  • adrien
    Jun 1, 2006
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      Op do, 01-06-2006 te 15:37 -0300, schreef Marcelo de Castro Bastos:
      > So, what I would really like is... well, to be able to choose if
      > Notetab counts/numbers/searches lines "as displayed" on screen
      > (meaning that a word-wrapped long line would count as several lines --
      > that's the present behavior) or if it counts/numbers/searches lines
      > "as saved" (meaning that it long word-wrapped line would count as a
      > single line, that is, it would have the same "line number" no matter
      > if wordwrapping was on or off).

      Do not know if it is the same. But when one runs the validator
      http://validator.w3.org/ than, for example, it says: on line X error
      'this' and error 'that'. The line number from the validator is always
      different from the linenumber in NoteTab (Pro 4.95).
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