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5527Re: [NH] Code for HTML Extended Characters

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  • Jody
    Jun 1, 2006
      Hi Marcelo and Others,

      I thought I might let you all know that all extended characters
      are now set correctly in NoteTab v5B16. There's only two that
      remain the decimal instead of the html source code. They are the
      following. Eric told me why he left them, but I forget.

      150 96 226 10010110 – – · – SPA - En-dash (Start of Guarded Area)
      151 97 227 10010111 — — · — EPA - Em-dash (End of Guarded Area)

      He had already done a lot of work to them without mentioning it
      as he does at times and uses the catchall phrase, "And other
      small glitches as well," referring to all the bugs he fixed and
      for some reason doesn't tell us. <g> Anyway, I went to AsciiCat
      and copied the whole list from 128 on. I found about 15 that still
      needed fixing, only a few that were "critical" but he fixed them all. :)

      >> I know I have this somewhere, but does anybody have a list of the
      >> extended characters converted to HTML that are not working
      >> correctly. I was once told that it was from a certain number and
      >> all the way up the list from there, if that makes any sense to
      >> you. <g>
      >Just found an old message in which I gave the same info as in the
      >previous message, only in a more structured way:
      >146 92 U+2019 : RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK (gets converted to ´
      >which is NOT the same -- should be ’ or ’)
      >148 94 U+201D : RIGHT DOUBLE QUOTATION MARK (gets converted to ’
      >which is plain wrong -- should be ” or ”)
      >128 to €
      >130 to ‚
      >131 to ƒ
      >132 to „
      >133 to …

      Happy HTML'n!

      Fookes Software Yahoogroups:
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