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5526Re: [NH] Missing Icon >view other browser

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  • Marcelo de Castro Bastos
    May 13, 2006
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      On the last exciting episode, aired on 13/5/2006 21:17, Jody invited the
      wrath of the gods by saying:
      > Hi Ed,
      >> I know you warned me, that is I kept oldNoteTab.ini. But I did
      >> not realize how many icons would disappear, so I went back and
      >> did a system restore and now it looks like it should and works
      >> OK. Well, almost, I still have the problem with Firefox which
      >> you are well acquainted with that bug. I thought I might be able
      >> to slip it in and get it to run. Everyone else says that if you
      >> are on the internet with Firefox it will work. But for me it does
      >> not. Oh! Well! I will just post them on a test page on the
      >> internet and see what they look like in Firefox.
      > I took the long shot in my reply (to see if you had Wrap Icons
      > checked), because I figured you knew to go to the Toolbar tab in
      > Options to check the icons on the Toolbar you wanted. Oops. <g>
      > We are currently working in trying to get Firefox to work right.
      > Eric says the bug is in Firefox and fixed it in the beta we are
      > testing, but it broke the others. He shouldn't have a problem,
      > hopefully, getting them all to behave correctly though.
      > I suggest that you don't spend anymore time with trying to get
      > Firefox to work in either of the browser locations. Instead, I
      > would use Custom Launch (under the Tools tab in Options) and the
      > Launch Document Toolbar icon. The following is an example of what
      > to put in the Custom Launch field:
      > E:\Browsers\FireFox\firefox.exe ^**
      > The ^** says to open Firefox with the focused file's temporary
      > file if the file is in the need of being saved, but will default
      > to the saved file on disk if it is already in the saved state.
      Nice trick. I only modified it slightly -- put the program path and the
      ^** between quotes, like this:

      "C:\Program Files\Opera\Opera.exe" "^**"

      in order to avoid problems with spaces. An extra benefit is that now I have buttons for the three major Windows browsers: IE, Mozilla and Opera.

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