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5525Re: [NH] Missing Icon >view other browser

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  • Jody
    May 13, 2006
      Hi Ed,

      >I know you warned me, that is I kept oldNoteTab.ini. But I did
      >not realize how many icons would disappear, so I went back and
      >did a system restore and now it looks like it should and works
      >OK. Well, almost, I still have the problem with Firefox which
      >you are well acquainted with that bug. I thought I might be able
      >to slip it in and get it to run. Everyone else says that if you
      >are on the internet with Firefox it will work. But for me it does
      >not. Oh! Well! I will just post them on a test page on the
      >internet and see what they look like in Firefox.

      I took the long shot in my reply (to see if you had Wrap Icons
      checked), because I figured you knew to go to the Toolbar tab in
      Options to check the icons on the Toolbar you wanted. Oops. <g>
      We are currently working in trying to get Firefox to work right.
      Eric says the bug is in Firefox and fixed it in the beta we are
      testing, but it broke the others. He shouldn't have a problem,
      hopefully, getting them all to behave correctly though.

      I suggest that you don't spend anymore time with trying to get
      Firefox to work in either of the browser locations. Instead, I
      would use Custom Launch (under the Tools tab in Options) and the
      Launch Document Toolbar icon. The following is an example of what
      to put in the Custom Launch field:

      E:\Browsers\FireFox\firefox.exe ^**

      The ^** says to open Firefox with the focused file's temporary
      file if the file is in the need of being saved, but will default
      to the saved file on disk if it is already in the saved state.

      Happy HTML'n!

      Fookes Software Yahoogroups:
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