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5523Re: [NH] Missing Icon >view other browser

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  • Ed
    May 11, 2006
      I know you warned me, that is I kept oldNoteTab.ini. But I did not realize how many icons would disappear, so I went back and did a system restore and now it looks like it should and works OK. Well, almost, I still have the problem with Firefox which you are well acquainted with that bug. I thought I might be able to slip it in and get it to run. Everyone else says that if you are on the internet with Firefox it will work. But for me it does not. Oh! Well! I will just post them on a test page on the internet and see what they look like in Firefox.
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      Subject: Re: [NH] Missing Icon >view other browser

      Ed wrote:
      > The view other browser Icon is missing after removing NoteTab.ini and
      I have
      > filled in the addresses of view browser and view other browser. How
      do I
      > get my Icon back again along with several other missing Icons? I know I
      > could do a system restore but I do not want to do that. I have some
      > things in place that that will be missing. Apps and programs. I would
      > to reinstall these. I really do not want to do that.
      > Ed


      I warned you would lose all the many settings you had made. To get both
      browser icons back you have to go to View > Options > Toolbar. Go down
      the list and make sure 'View in Browser' and 'View other Browser' are
      checked, that will make both icons appear in the toolbar. You can
      change their location in the toolbar from the 'Toolbar' dialog also.

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