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5521Re: [NH] Missing Icon >view other browser

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  • Jody
    May 11, 2006
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      Hi Ed,

      >The view other browser Icon is missing after removing NoteTab.ini
      >and I have filled in the addresses of view browser and view other
      >browser. How do I get my Icon back again along with several
      >other missing Icons? I know I could do a system restore but I do
      >not want to do that. I have some other things in place that that
      >will be missing. Apps and programs. I would have to reinstall
      >these. I really do not want to do that.

      Given that you are in NoteTab Pro and your executable program
      icon is named NotePro.exe, then your INI file will be named the
      same, except have the INI extension: NotePro.ini. I only mention
      that because in your other message you called it NoteTab Pro.ini
      In order to be using one called that, the executable would have
      to be: NoteTab Pro.exe. NoteTab makes INI files by the name of
      the program file. If that is all OK, then I suspect that you have
      the setting called "Wrap Toolbar" unchecked and that the missing
      icons are out to the right so to speak out of your viewing range.
      Check that box under the Toolbar tab in Options and it may fix it
      for you. The type of ToolBar prevents using arrows to scroll.

      Happy Tab'n,
      Jody Adair

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