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5502Re: [NH] Code for HTML Extended Characters

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  • Marcelo de Castro Bastos
    May 3, 2006
      On the last exciting episode, aired on 3/5/2006 01:47, Kerry Coates
      invited the wrath of the gods by saying:
      > Marcelo,
      > I still use " for double quotes. Is that not correct anymore? I
      > also use ® for Registered Trademark and & for the symbol "&", etc.
      > When I validate my pages I don't get any errors on these ( just other stuff
      > I can't seem to get right!)
      No, it's OK to use " , it's just not REQUIRED. Same for ® ,
      except that depending on the charset you may be required to use the
      ® form -- the "registered trademark" glyph is allowed in iso-8859-1
      and win-1252 character sets, but not in other charsets, like "pure" ASCII.

      Generally speaking, the named entities (like ®) and numbered
      entities (like һ) are ALWAYS allowed. However, some named
      entities are poorly supported, and might not work in all browsers
      (numbered entities should always work, unless the client computer does
      not have a font with the right glyph). There are sites listing all of those.

      The advantages to using the character itself instead of the entity form are:
      1- The file is slightly smaller, and
      2- It's more human-readable.

      Another good option, instead of using entities, is to convert the entire
      file to Unicode (for instance, in UTF-8). However, this is harder to do
      by hand...

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