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5496Re: [NH] Offline CSS Validator for Notetab

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  • loro
    Apr 24, 2006
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      Jody wrote:
      >I'm downloading your suggestion and will check it out when time
      >permits. CSE HTML Validator does check CSS too. I just saw the
      >screen shots and it does the same thing as CSE HTML Validator
      >that is under the Tools menu if you install it. So, it is a
      >matter of which one does the best job I suppose, or personal
      >preference. ;)

      The latter, I assume, since they are totally different tools.

      >Maybe it'll boil down to the smallest download.
      ><g> Have you been using it for awhile; do you know if it gets
      >updated fairly often, or enough, whatever 'enough' is?

      I haven't been using it at all, since it's new. :-)
      It wouldn't need updating until w3c comes out with a new version of its CSS

      > Does it
      >allow configuration like disabling/enabling of messages of all

      I don't think so.

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